aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor

Brown fused alumina abrasives must be stored in the open air during the summer. They should not be stored in the open air. They should not be covered for a long time. Keep them dry and dry to prevent the brown fused alumina abrasive from getting wet. Ensure that the brown fused alumina abrasive does not come into contact with the sundries, in order to ensure the smooth breathing of the brown fused alumina abrasive and prevent the impurities from blocking the capillary void of the brown fused alumina abrasive. Brown fused alumina abrasives need regular cleaning, waxing, regular dust removal, and water maintenance.

The development and application of brown corundum dust powder coating has developed several brown corundum dust powder coatings. The brown corundum sandblasting is made by fused high quality bauxite ore. The brown aluminum oxide blasting is made of cooked bauxite and iron. The shavings and coke are matched according to a certain ratio. The characteristics of the brown fused alumina sandblasting include the content level. The brown corundum is in the pretreatment method of various types of table. The effect of brown corundum blasting is the most complete and the most adaptable. The most limited.

Several advantages of white corundum fine powder abrasive: it does not affect the color of the processed parts. It can be used for sandblasting in the process of prohibiting the residual iron powder. The amount of iron oxide contained is extremely low. It is suitable for sandblasting operations where iron residue is strictly prohibited. Wash the steps to remove impurities. White corundum fine powder is not only a high-grade abrasive material, but also an advanced grinding and polishing material. It is made of abrasive tools for grinding high carbon steel, high speed steel and various stainless steels.

Black corundum is a polishing medium in which the acceleration and velocity of particles in a gas stream are the effect of brown fused aluminum oxide inertia and particle size. Mentioning “black corundum” may not be known to many people. It is true that this new type of wear-resistant material is not something that ordinary people can use in life, so ordinary people do not understand this material, but its The range of use is generally very extensive in industrial manufacturing applications.

The stainless steel is polished with brown fused alumina, white aluminium oxide and other abrasives. After polishing, the surface color of the stainless steel is inconsistent. In some places, the darkness and discoloration of the black hair will appear. After the black corundum is thrown, the surface will be uniform in color and reveal the uniformity of the stainless steel. In the late 1970s, domestic production began. Stainless steel is widely used because of its high wear resistance, unique strength, superior corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

Among the 10 product companies surveyed, none of the 9 product companies considered chrome corundum instead of brown corundum. Only one company considered substitution, but after the test, the product company finally chose brown fused alumina. Due to cost considerations, black corundum has no price advantage. In the overall background of the refractory market, the priority of product companies is to save production costs. Second, in terms of effects, after testing, the company believes that chrome corundum is used instead. Brown fused alumina has not achieved the expected results. If the use of chrome corundum is still required, a lot of tests and process improvements are needed. The test cost is too high and the energy is too much.

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